International Card Usage Form

This form applies only to one debit card. If you receive a new card or have more than one active debit card, a new form must be completed for each individual card.

To enable your card for international usage, please complete the following form. It is your responsibility to check your monthly statements, verify that the card remains in your possession, and inform us if your card is ever lost or stolen. If your card is lost or stolen, please inform us immediately so that we may freeze your card.

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You can select up to 5 countries per form submission. You may submit additional forms throughout your travels to enable other countries as well.

Debit cards cannot be enabled for international usage past the expiration date on the card. You may email or call (202)687-8616 one month prior to the expiration of your card to place a new order. Please note that debit cards can only be shipped to US addresses.
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