Share Certificates

The Credit Union offers higher yielding certificates of deposit for those members who are willing to deposit funds for either 6-months or 12-months. The interest rate on a 6-month certificate is 0.25% and on a 12-month certificate is 0.50%. There is a $500.00 minimum for all CDs, and early withdrawal penalties and restrictions do apply. For more information, please contact our Member Service Department.

This certificate may not be pledged, transferred, or assigned to any party other than the Georgetown University Alumni & Student Federal Credit Union. Dividends on this certificate are paid and available at the end of the certificate term at the stated per annum simple interest rate. This certificate may be redeemed, at any time before maturity, for the complete principal balance less a $20.00 early withdrawal penalty. An early withdrawal will constitute a forfeiture of all accrued dividends. Other terms and conditions as disclosed in the GUASFCU Truth in Savings Document apply to this share certificate.