Quickpay allows you to link a checking or savings account at another bank to your Credit Union account. Once registered, you can transfer funds from your other bank account into your account at the Credit Union. There are two convenient options you may select, both of which are available free of charge. All transfers will be posted to your GUASFCU checking account by 11 AM the following business day. However, all Quickpay deposits greater than $300.00 will be frozen for a minimum of three business days from time of the deposit. For all recurring Quickpay deposits, funds will be withdrawn from the external bank account three business days prior to the 1st or 15th of every month, regardless of the amount.

On-Demand Transfer

This option allows you to transfer funds into your Credit Union account on demand. Once registered, you can easily transfer any amount online or by submitting a form to the Credit Union via e-mail, fax, or in person. Your transfer request will be completed within 1 business day, assuming the form has been correctly completed.

Recurring 1st or 15th of the Month

Using this option, the Credit Union will automatically transfer a preset amount every month – either 3 business days before 1st or 3 business days before the 15th, or both. If this day is not a business day, the transfer will be completed on the following business day.

Online Forms

The easiest way to register for Quickpay or set up transfers to your account is through our online forms below. If you prefer to download a PDF version of the forms, please click here to access them on our Forms & Applications page.

Registration (for both On-Demand and Recurring)
On-Demand Transfer Request
Recurring Transfer Adjustment Request
Cancellation Request