Services at the Physical Branch

The GUASFCU Physical Branch is located at 3700 O Street NW in the Leavey Center, directly to the right when you walk through the front entrance.

In addition to depositing and withdrawing funds, members benefit from a variety of services offered:

Money Orders

We offer certified money orders up to $1,000.00. There is a low $2.00 fee per money order, regardless of the amount. Money orders are a great and inexpensive way to pay with certified funds.

Credit Card Deposit

A credit card deposit (also called a cash advance) can be used to add money to your account. Your deposit can be charged to any major credit card - including VISA, MasterCard, and American Express. The charge will show as a purchase - not a cash advance - on your credit card bill. There is a 10% fee ($10 minimum) for credit card payments.

Cashier's Checks

We offer guaranteed cashier's checks for a low $5.00 fee. To request a bank check, please submit a "24-hour Request", available from any teller or in the Member Service office. Your written request may also be faxed to us.

Domestic and International Wire Transfers

You can easily send or receive both domestic and international wires with your Credit Union account. A wire transfer is often the fastest way to transfer money - especially from abroad. There is a $10.00 fee to receive a domestic wire, a $15 fee to receive an international wire, a $20.00 fee to send a domestic wire, and a $30.00 fee to send an international wire.
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