House Accounts


Easily Manage Your Shared House Expenses

All housemates can be joint owners and benefit from a variety of services. Each housemate can directly deposit/transfer into the house account. (Note: anyone can deposit into the account, but will not receive a receipt or balance unless they are a joint owner). They can deposit by simply visiting our branch or through Quickpay, a wire in, a cash advance, or a mail in deposit. Additionally, the option to transfer funds from another personal GUASFCU account online is always available. Joint owners will have the ability to view the account 24/7 through Online Banking and see all the transactions. Also, a convenient "Jack the Bulldog" Debit Card can be issued for house expenses & utility payments.

Summer Subletting

Summer subletting can be aggravating, but not when you have a GUASFCU house account! Using Online Banking, you can easily monitor your subletters and when they have paid their monthly rent. Once you've received all their funds, simply pay your landlord using either a certified check (aka cashier's check) or wire out. Either options can be easily initiated by contacting us. In fact, landlords usually prefer these methods since they are the most secure and will never bounce.

Pay Your Landlord

Cashier's Checks
We offer guaranteed cashier's checks for a low $5.00 fee. To request a cashier's check, please submit a "24-hour Request", available from any teller or in the Member Service office. Your written request may also be faxed to us. Once we have written the check, pick it up and mail/overnight it to your landlord. At your request and charge, we can mail it as well.

Wire Transfers
You can easily send or receive domestic wires with your Credit Union account. A wire transfer is often the fastest way to transfer money. There is a $10.00 fee to receive a domestic wire and a $20.00 fee to send a domestic wire.

Wire In Form
Wire Out Form