GWallet, GUASFCU's newest service, is a Personal Financial Management (PFM) platform that functions similarly to GWallet allows you to build a comprehensive personal financial profile and gain insight into your spending habits, cash inflows and outflows, and more. Following is an outline of just a few of the many incredible features (click the thumbnails to see more!) we can offer you through GWallet, all completely free of charge:

All Your Accounts In One Place

Quickly view your investment and mortgage balances as well as credit card and bank account balances and transactions in one place, regardless of where you have the accounts. You can add any account you can access online, giving you an easy and fast way to see the big picture.

Tag Your Transactions

GWallet will automatically apply tags to certain recognizable transactions like spending on food and gas, but feel free to edit existing tags or apply custom tags to transactions it doesn't recognize. You can then view your spending by category in easy-to-read lists and charts.

Spend Smarter with Budgets

Easily create budgets based on your tags to track your spending habits. GWallet budgets give you a clear picture of where and how you spend your money. By seeing how you reach a spending target, you can make smarter choices about how you spend.

Make Meeting Goals Effortless

Set and track goals. Visually tracking your progress can help you take control and make reaching your financial goals much quicker and easier. Use GWallet to create savings goals, like saving for a vacation, or a debt reduction goal, like paying off a high-rate credit card.

Monitor Your Net Worth

Build wealth and watch it grow through the Net Worth tool. No need to keep manually updating a spreadsheet. GWallet helps you quickly add up all of your assets (you can even add your home and vehicles) and debts to show you an up-to-date estimate of your net worth.
... search your transaction history across all of your accounts on a broad range of criteria, view a calendar of your historical cash inflows and outflows by date and plan for future bills and sources of income, and so much more!