Personal Line of Credit


GUASFCU's personal lines of credit are ideal for members who need to borrow money on a continuous basis, would like to connect their checking account with their credit line, or want to avoid high rates associated with credit cards. Rates start at 12.50%. To learn more about opening a personal credit line, continue reading below.

  • The loan applicant selects the maximum credit line they would like to apply for: $1,000, $2,000, or $3,000.
  • Once approved, the borrower requests an advance from their personal line of credit to make funds available in their checking account.
  • The member makes a minimum monthly payment based on the maximum credit line they selected (see table below).

Credit Line

Minimum Monthly Payment

$1,000 $20/month
$2,000 $35/month
$3,000 $50/month

  • No application fee for regular decision processing.
  • The 12.50% starting rate is notably lower than the rate on most credit cards.
  • The period of the loan is revolving, meaning the borrower always has access to their credit line to draw on as they need it.
  • A cosigner on a personal credit line reduces the annual percentage rate by 0.25%.
  • Easy and convenient online application.



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