Credit Builder Program

Check out this article from Bloomberg on the importance of building a credit history. GUASFCU's credit builder program provides a great alternative to a credit card for students looking to build credit in a safe and easy way!

Your credit score affects many aspects of your life. GUASFCU's credit builder program helps students and alumni establish a credit score. It is a version of the 100% Share Secured Loan offered in a "Hassle-Free" option. This program is ideal for anyone looking to build credit in a safe, secured, and very convenient manner. See the pricing schedule below*. Continue reading below to learn more about the program.

  • The member pays the total interest upfront.
  • GUASFCU disburses and freezes the principal amount in the member's account.
  • GUASFCU makes payments toward the loan balance at a regular interval on behalf of the member.
  • Upon last payment, GUASFCU unfreezes and transfers the principal amount out of the account.

  • No application fee for regular decision processing.
  • Very affordable, simple pricing.
  • Upon last payment, the member is reported to have paid on time and in full each month to Equifax, Inc.
  • GUASFCU makes your loan payments for you.
  • No maximum principal on a Credit Builder product.
  • Easy and convenient online application.





  $1,000 $2,000 $3,000
18 months $30 $60 $90
24 months $40 $80 $120
36 months $60 $120 $180

(Or Click Here to Download the PDF)

*Please contact GUASFCU if you are interested in different pricing options.