Undergraduate Students

Freshman Year – As soon as you arrivte to the Hliltop it becomes quite apparent that GUASFCU helps make your freshman year stress free. With convenient branch hours (10:30am-6:30pm), we will be open for you in between classes. During your first year at Georgetown you will commonly be running between White Gravenor, ICC, Reiss and the Leavey Center. We have conveniently placed four ATMs on campus: one outside our branch in the Leavey Center, one in the Leo O'Donovan Dining Hall, one in the Walsh building, and one in Hoya Snaxa.   Sophomore Year – When you return home for the summer after your freshman year, you will quickly realize that although you are no longer on the Hilltop, all of GUASFCU’s convenient services travel along with you. With your "Jack the Bulldog Debit Card" you will be able to use over 55,000 ATMs surcharge free. Learn more.
Junior Year – Junior year is an exciting time at Georgetown. Many students take advantage of the study abroad opportunities. Since GUASFCU is run by students for students we realize what you will need while overseas, as our interns have been traveling right along with you for over 25 years! By far the most challenging aspect of traveling abroad is getting cash from ATM. While most retail banks will charge their customers $2-3 per ATM transaction, GUASFCU only charges its members $1.00 at domestic AND international ATMs!   Senior Year – Since Georgetown does not guarantee housing all four years of college, by senior year most Hoyas are living off campus. GUASFCU makes interacting with land lords a painless process. GUASFCU offers house accounts for our members that make paying rent and utilities a breeze. With GUASFCU house accounts all of your roommates can deposit rent checks into a single account, and then you may write a certified check for your landlord.