International Students


How to open an account. . . Before arriving to the U.S.!

1. If you do not already have a Social Security Number (SSN) or other Tax Identification Number (TIN), click here to learn how to obtain one.

2. Once you have a TIN, fill out our online open account application

Top 5 Reasons to Open Your Account

1. Parents can wire funds prior to leaving, and will be available on your new VISA card
2. Avoid traveling with large amounts of cash / traveler's checks
3. Ability to make purchases online immediately (i.e. books)
4. Have a bank statement necessary to obtain a cell-phone
5. Avoid ATM and currency exchange fees

How to access your funds in the U.S.

- Cash: Easy but you should not carry too much because it’s not safe.
- You can’t carry more than $10,000 in cash without declaring it
  with customs at the airport
- International debit card: Best exchange rate
- ATM Usage: Best exchange rate, most locations in the U.S.
- Credit Card: Real time exchange rate but not cash
- Georgetown GoCard: Not secure and no interest, but more importantly
  doesn’t cater to all vendors. For example, you cannot make purchases at
  Tysons Corner, the mall, New York, when traveling internationally, etc.

  Learn More About the Jack the Bulldog Debit Card

Key Highlights

ATMs on campus
Exceptional member service

General Information and Tips

How to Build Credit
Why Does Credit Matter
Budgeting & Managing Your Finances
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