News About GUASFCU

GUASFCU Introduces Mobile App. February 5, 2013. The Hoya.

GUASFCU Celebrates 30th Anniversary. February 2013. Georgetown Today.

Credit Union Installs New ATM in Walsh. January 15, 2013. The Hoya.

A Problematic Partnership. October 26, 2012. The Hoya.

Student-Run University Credit Unions: Onward and Upward. September 5, 2012. Nerd Wallet.

GUASFCU Trump's CapitalOne in Nerd Wallet's Credit Union vs. Bank Comparison. Nerd Wallet.

Student-Run Credit Union Hones Its Member Service. March 12, 2012.

Value Added: Georgetown's credit union, a boot camp for finance whizzes. February 7, 2011. Washington Post.

GUASFCU Reaches $16 million in peak assets. September 10, 2010. The Hoya.

GUASFCU hits $12.8 million asset record. April 13, 2010. The Hoya.

GUASFCU and former interns mentioned in New York Times. March 10, 2010. The New York Times.

College Students Learning to Be Entrepreneurs. September 22, 2008.

Leavey Banks Battle for Students. September 16, 2008. The Hoya.

GUASFCU featured in CUNA magazine. July 2008. Credit Union National Association.

Vice Chairman Hood Addresses the 25th Anniversary Celebration of GUASFCU. February 11, 2008. National Credit Union Administration.

Nation's Largest Student-Run Credit Union Celebrates 25th Anniversary. February 7, 2008. Georgetown University.

News About Credit Unions

CUs best ‘customer experience’ for 2nd year. April 1, 2013. NAFCU.

Want Free Checking? Try A Credit Union. March 18, 2013. CNN Money.

Social Media Study Reveals Why Consumers Join a Credit Union. February 6, 2013. Credit Unions Online

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